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At Kid's Kitchen we take great pride in the quality of our meals.
Where does our food come from? Where is it made?
As moms ourselves, we know the "where", "what" and "how" of every meal is as important as what goes on the plate. And we're here to put your minds at ease. All our delicious meals are made fresh each morning in our commercial kitchen, individually portioned and packaged and not only delivered to schools, but also distributed to each child at lunch time.  

Our Facility
Located in Markham, Ontario, our kitchen facility is well equipped with some of the finest commercial-grade equipment. We take pride in a clean and fully maintained kitchen, which is randomly inspected throughout the year by the York Region Health Department. We are proud to say our kitchen passes every inspection with flying colours!
Meal Preparation
We prep, cook, portion and package all our meals in our kitchen. We make our own sauces, marinate our chicken, make our own macaroni & cheese, soups and much, much more! Since our inception, we have used only healthy cooking methods such as baking, boiling, grilling, or stove-top cooking. We do NOT deep fry any items! Specific information for each meal can be found in the "Menu Details" section in our Menu.
Sourcing Products
Healthy lunches start with the right grocery list. We source the highest quality of meats, produce and ingredients for every recipe. In dealing with national food suppliers, we negotiate better prices to ensure our lunches are affordable without compromising quality.
We regularly meet our vendors and learn about their companies, their values and where their products are sourced and prepared. We deal with various nut-free bakeries for our baked goods, and our bread is delivered fresh in the morning throughout the week. Whenever possible, we support our local community and farmers by buying directly from them.