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Nut-Free Facility

Kid's Kitchen is a nut-free facility. In the interest of safety, we do not carry any nuts or tree-nut products in our kitchen and we make our best efforts to source products from nut-free suppliers as well. All our baked snacks such as cookies, brownies and muffins, come from nut-free bakeries. 
Food Allergies
Our kids' safety is of the utmost importance to us. We take special precautions for children with food allergies or dietary restrictions. We gather information about each child's food allergies or dietary restrictions when we open each customer's account. Every afternoon our staff diligently reviews each child's order and if a customer has ordered an item containing foods the child should not have, we will contact the parent to confirm the order or make a substitution. 
Cooking Procedures
Our kitchen is alerted about any special meals required each day. To avoid contamination, all special meals are made first and packed and labelled before the rest of the lunches are prepared and packed. For example, vegetarian meals are cooked and packed first and utensils are kept separate from those used for meat dishes.